I *also* just reread Life Together and scribbled down the same quote, feeling both chagrined myself and also *slightly* justified for my frustration about the expectations of others around community. I also, though, felt a little miffed at Bonhoeffer. I felt like his words were a bit harsh. But, as God would have it, no sooner had I finished Life Together, I picked up Bonhoeffer's Black Jesus by Reggie Williams. Williams helps frame a lot of what I read in LT, giving a helpful context that I was previously unaware of in Bonhoeffer's life to a certain extent. After finishing BBJ this past week, I opened LT back up and reread some of those harder passages and had a newfound tenderness to his words. I didn't feel spanked, I felt challenged in a good way. Anyway. I'm really loving this series, friend, keep it up.

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Have you discussed the shroud of Turin? https://acts15church.substack.com/p/the-evidence

I have a question for everyone.

What's hard to believe in the Christian Bible? Please comment at https://acts15church.substack.com/p/hard-to-believe

Thank you. G'Day

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